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This $50000 Japanese Turntable Is What Your Vinyl Has Been … – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene, Jonathan Ferro & Lisa Abramowicz live from New York, bringing insight on global markets and the top business stories of the day.
Bloomberg Daybreak, anchored from New York, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco provides listeners with everything they need to know. Hear the latest economic, business and market news, as well as global, national, and local news.
MSCI, the largest ESG rating company, doesn’t even try to measure the impact of a corporation on the world. It’s all about whether the world might mess with the bottom line.
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Eskom May not be Able to Continue Operating, Auditor Says
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Sam Bankman-Fried’s Bahamas Jail Luxury: Cable, AC and a Toilet
Esoteric’s analog turntable Grandioso T1 with its power supply unit, left.
Source: Source: Esoteric Company

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Sales of vinyl records topped $1 billion last year for the first time since 1986. That was the year before Esoteric Co. was established as a niche high-end digital brand for the burgeoning audio revolution ushered in by CD players.
More than three decades and a whole lot of design later, the company has released its first-ever analog turntable. And the Grandioso T1 has a weight to match its eye-watering price tag.


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