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Pioneer DJ's DM-50D desktop monitors aim to be the all-in-one choice for production + DJing – DJ Techtools

There’s no doubt that one of the key elements in any at-home artist setup – whether it’s your production studio or your DJ booth – is the monitors. This can become a costly endeavor if you are both producing and DJing, as you likely have different pairs for your separate spaces.
Pioneer DJ has decided to tackle that with the release of their new 5-inch DM-50D desktop monitors this week, sitting at a mere $199. Sold as pairs in both black and white, the 50Ds are self-powered speakers with two sound modes you can toggle between – a Production mode and a DJ mode.
The DM-50Ds are built with a Class-D amplifier that offers 96kHz sampling DSP and an updated DECO covex diffuser – that work in conjunction to provide crystal-clear high frequencies and balanced bass sound for a high-quality sound experience.
They also feature a 5-inch subwoofer that has grooves on the ducts – added to reduce air friction in order to provide a tight bass – and curved front edges to encourage the highest level of rigidity and cut down on any resonance.
A switch on the DM-50D lets you move between DJ mode and Production mode, giving the speakers a multipurpose usage and flexibility for an array of scenarios. Once you choose a mode, the DSP settings will optimize for the task and adjust sound accordingly.
These monitors have RCA, mini-jack, and TRS input terminals for easy access to connect to your mixer, controller, or laptop – as well as a 3.5mm stereo min-jack on the front for headphones. The volume knob for each speaker can be found on the front as well – so no need to reach around the back for adjustments anymore.
It’s a big undertaking for any brand to attempt to create hardware for numerous purposes that typically come with their own swath of detailed requirements, so we find this to be an interesting move on Pioneer’s part. Perhaps it’s a sign of what’s to come in the monitor space, and we’ll see similar products come out of competitors down the line – or maybe these speakers won’t quite reach the bar needed for both. Nonetheless, this step forward by Pioneer is a significant one.
The DM-50Ds are sold in pairs for $199 USD, and you you can find more details on Pioneer DJ’s website.
We’re curious to hear from you: will these speakers be a solution for DJs + producers that need quality monitors for both scenarios in their home setups, or is it too good to be true? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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