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Pioneer DJ announces new standalone DJ unit with 10.1-inch touchscreen – DJ Mag

The XDJ-RX3 is a new two-channel all-in-one
Pioneer DJ has announced a new two-channel all-in-one DJ unit called the XDJ-RX3. The new unit features a multi-touch 10.1-inch screen, borrowing a lot of features from their new flagship CDJ-3000 standalone media player. A new feature called Playlist Banks lets you select up to four playlists you use often to avoid having to scroll excessively mid-set, and the Touch Preview feature from the 3000s allows users to cue a track from the browser without loading it into a deck has also been added. 
Performance features have been added to the touchscreen too, such as the X-pad you might be familiar with from the DJM range. Users can store up to four FX in an FX Bank, for easy access. Other features from the 3000s include three-band waveforms for a clearer indication of each part of the track by separating the highs, mids and lows into different colours. 

Hardware-wise, there are the usual elements you might expect from an all-in-one – two “improved” jog wheels with a new on-jog screen featuring track information, eight performance pads per deck, with the usual hot cues, loops, slicer and FX pads. They’ve also added a jog weight knob from light to heavy.  The FX section is borrowed from the DJM with both Color FX on each channel and a global Beat FX section with 14 effects including filter, delay, echo, flanger, slip roll and more. 
Round back there’s XLR master outputs and RCAs for booth and master 2 as well as a Record out. You can also use the mixer section with external inputs, and there are even two phono inputs for connecting turntables. Finally, there are two combi-jack mic inputs. 

The XDJ-RX3 works with rekordbox DJ and will be compatible with Serato DJ in early 2022. The XDJ-RX3 will cost £1,699 and is available now. 
Watch the video below for a full walkthrough from Pioneer DJ and find out more on Pioneer DJ’s website here

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