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Classic Audio Loudspeakers/Atma-Sphere Music Systems/Purist Audio Design/Tri-Planar – Stereophile Magazine

Atma-Sphere’s Ralph Karsten was not in attendance, but his amplifiers were, including his MP1 preamplifiers ($12,100/pair), and MK3.3 Novacron monoblocks ($12,000/pair): 60Wpc; four Russian 6C33 power triodes per channel; class-A, Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage; dual-mono chassis construction; V-Cap copper-foil Teflon coupling capacitors; and Teflon power tube sockets. A Technics SP10 turntable with a Tri-planar 12″ arm and van den Hul The Colibri Signature cartridge ($12,000) performed source duties.

This system was graphically detailed, with a focus on treble and midrange vibrations. The overall sound was expansive, easily filling the large ballroom space. Night on Bald Mountain was a veritable showstopper!


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