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25 Artists That Will Convert You To House Music – This Song is Sick

It’s no secret that house music is making a massive resurgence all around the globe. All you have to do is take a look at streaming numbers and festival lineups to see that house producers and DJs are thriving in the world of dance music. Of course, house music has been around since the very beginnings of electronic music, but we’ve never seen it as popular as it is today.
It’s time to get on this wild, four-on-the-floor ride, and we have just the thing to get you started.
There’s many subgenres of house that you may have never heard before. Perhaps you’ve only heard of the mainstream artists who have had the most commercial success. It can be easy to dismiss these radio-seeking artists and write off house music entirely when you’ve never been exposed to the good stuff.
Because of this house boom, our palette has opened up to include tons of amazing artists you may have never heard of before. We took it upon ourselves to create a list of some of the best producers who are a great first step into the immense world of house.
The list contains a variety of subgenres that stretch from deep house, to tech house, and everything in between, and ordered from the easiest to hop into, to the deeper cuts – in descending order.
Also, be sure to check out our recently launched, extensive, Home Is Where The House Is playlist on Spotify. 
The masked DJ/Producer Claptone has one of the most fun-loving sounds in house music. Often in a major key, his music just immediately puts a smile on your face. His last album, Fantast, is a must-listen from start to finish. His vocals will certainly get stuck in your head, and his production will keep you dancing all night.

Lane 8 
He’s already a TSIS favorite, but we had to include Lane 8 on this list. He’s one of the best when it comes to deep house, and even has his own imprint, This Never Happened. Nearly everything Lane 8 produces is gold, but this song below, “Daya,” has one of the most emotive melodies we’ve heard from him.

Elderbrook is a rising artist who is standing out above the crowd with his unique voice and live performance. We fell in love with this dude’s sound so much that we had to bring him through for one of our livestream events “The Sauce.” Check out the video of the live performance right here.

Tchami’s notoriety rose very quickly after championing the new “future house” sound a few years ago, and has since started his own record label, CONFESSION, where he can curate the genre as he wishes. His range extends from gritty, left field bangers to euphoric and melodic tracks like “Adieu,” which will always be a classic.

Our love for SNBRN runs deep. He’s been on our radar ever since he first started putting out music, and he continues to produce quality tunes. SNBRN is able to take on all different types of house, however our favorites are his deeper cuts like this smooth groove with Autograf.

Justin Martin 
Justin Martin is not only one of the founding members of Dirtybird, but he also is considered one of the best producers and DJs of the crew. His sound often tries to incorporate large, heavy bass lines with beautiful melodies; a combination that isn’t easy to pull off. He executes almost every time.

Golden Features 
The enigmatic deep house Australian that goes by Golden Features is one of the only house producers that has released music via one of our favorite collectives, ODESZA’s Foreign Family. He since when on to release a stunning debut album that is among our favorites so far for 2018.

Chris Lake 
Chris Lake has been around for a minute, but he really doubled down on his own music after partnering up with OWSLA back in 2016 for their infamous HOWSLA compilation. Since then, he’s dropped countless bangers that are staples in house sets everywhere, and even teamed up with FISHER to sell out The Shrine in Los Angeles three nights in a row. One of his most recent drops was a dreamy tech house single “Stay With Me.”

Tourist is an artist on this list who truly excels in the realm of euphoric music. Some of his melodies (like the one used in this track “Run”), are simply iconic. Listening to Tourist is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. His most recent album Everyday is also a must listen. 

We’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering TÂCHES’s music, and after going through his catalog, we like almost every single thing we hear. His style focuses on melodies and beautiful ambience, but still retains funky bass lines with punchy kick drums that will keep your head bobbing and a smile on your face.

Kyle Watson 
He’s been producing music for a while, but Kyle Watson only started to break out heavily a couple of years ago after some amazing releases on labels like Dirtybird and This Ain’t Bristol. He embodies the unique sound of South African house that relies heavily on wild bass lines, but takes it even further with some fantastic sound design.

Justin Jay 
We’ve had our eye on Justin Jay for years now (including his rise with Dirtybird), and he’s never let us down. Justin brings a funky, refreshing sound to the table, and even introduced his own live band into the picture: Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage. His recent singles off his forthcoming album Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1, have been amazing. Here’s our favorite:

The British duo that is CamelPhat have been rising sharply, large in part due to their smash releases on Defected Records, an independent label formed back in 1999. You’ve most likely heard their GRAMMY nominated track “Cola” (with Elderbrook) which has amassed over one hundred million plays on Spotify alone. Their range is wide, and their whole catalog is worth checking out. 

FISHER has been at the forefront of this house explosion. He only has a handful of releases under his belt as a solo artist (he used to be a part of the duo Cut Snake), but they’ve all been smash its. “Losing It” did so well that it was even nominated for a GRAMMY under the Best Dance Recording category. He dropped the long awaited “You Little Beauty” back in May and it’s still being rinsed heavily.

Lee Burridge
Lee is as down to earth as his music is. His style falls under the category of deep progressive house, and he even has his own prolific label called All Day I Dream, where he’s able to curate that specific sound. With him and his crew, you can expect heavenly composition paired with deep bass lines that sound simply amazing on a good sub. Test it out with this track here:

Walker & Royce 
Dirtybird is always on the search for out-of-the-box DJs and producers, and Walker & Royce have proved that they fit their sound very well. The Brooklyn duo’s sound often has infectious vocal cuts with heavily distorted bass lines that will fire up on any dancefloor. You may have heard their hit track “Take Me To Your Leader,” but definitely check out their whole debut album Self Help, which was one of our favorite albums of 2017.

Sonny Fodera 
Sonny Fodera is another well respected, overseas all-star from Defected Records. The prolific producer has many releases under his belt, but is perhaps most popular for his remixes. Sonny loves to incorporate euphoric piano melodies into his songs, and the track below is a perfect example of what he can do.

Nora En Pure 
Nora En Pure has created some of the most euphoric music that we’ve heard in house music, and is an essential to any deep house collection. She’s also an amazingly talented DJ who has played some of the largest festivals in the world. “Morning Dew” is one of our favorites, and you’ll see why below.

Peggy Gou 
Peggy Gou has been exploding over the past couple years. After releasing some of her best tracks to date, she was booked for some of the biggest and best music festivals all around the world. Every song by her is undeniably groovy, and she also loves to throw in a good acid synth in many of her tracks.

Channel Tres
Channel Tres is easily one of our favorite emerging artists. His music immaculately blends hip-hop and R&B with house music in a way we’ve never heard before. He producers and does his own vocals, and has an irresistible swagger and charm that pours out of his tracks. Keep an eye out for this dude. 

Cut Snake 
Before 2018, Cut Snake was actually a duo comprised of Sedz and FISHER. FISHER departed from the project after gaining massive notoriety for his wild productions, shows, and antics. Cut Snake is now manned solely by Sedz, and in our opinion, features even better production now. His release on Desert Hearts Records earlier this year was the first solo EP for Cut Snake, and it’s by far the best we’ve heard from the project. Do not sleep on this San Diego based Aussie.

Franky Rizardo 
Along with other artists on this list like CamelPhat, Franky Rizardo is one of the most successful producers on Defected Records. His productions often focus on a driving tech-house beat with sensuous vocals. Vocals can be very hit or miss in house music, but Franky nails it every time. Just take a listen to how he reworks Marian Hill’s “Down.”

Yotto is easily considered one of the best producers who releases music on Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep label (along with Lane 8). Like most of the music put out on Anjunadeep, Yotto’s sound is more calm and downtempo. The focus here is more on the melodies and atmosphere than hard bass lines, although Yotto certainly has some groovy tracks like “Slowly.”

Maya Jane Coles 
Maya Jane Coles is amazing at finding the perfect groove, and letting it subtly progress over a decent chunk of time. We could loop one of her most well known tracks, “What They Say,” for hours and not get tired of it. Maya Jane Coles is a seasoned veteran and she’s easily earned the respect of many fans and artists alike.

The irish duo Bicep is one of the most well respected names in modern house music. Their specialty lies within their absolutely gorgeous melodies that will resonate with any listener. Bicep had a handful of amazing EPs since 2011 that led up to the release of their self titled debut album. The track below, “Aura,” is easily one of their strongest tracks.

If you’re looking for even more house goodness, check out our Home Is Where The House playlist below. Enjoy!

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